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DASH THE DOG (played by Smurf, left)

Dash is a friendly and playful Parson Russell Terrier. He has boundless energy and curiosity, always up for fun and mischief. He loves his child owner Anna and her goofball family. He's smart and savvy (essentially like a six-year-old kid), but still with a lot to learn!


Dash lives in a unique family environment with Mum, Dad and Anna, an oddball trio with distinct personalities and quirky habits. But underneath it all, there's a warm loving heart at the centre of this family, especially as Dash is around to make sense of their weekly adventures! 

Surf's up!
Smurf as Dash the dog
Doug Cockle as Dad
Claudia Barba as Mum
Esther Toward as Anna
Jamie Lee-Hill as Oncle
Family photos


Future seasons would see Dash living with other families, enabling the show to go more diverse with its casting and stories. Such family dynamics could include a mix of these elements;

  • 8 year old boy instead of 8 year old Anna

  • Physically disabled children

  • Children with hearing or visual impairments

  • Children with learning disabilities or difficulties (Down Syndrome perhaps)

  • Single parent families

  • Mixed race families

  • A family with two dads

  • A mixed generation family (Grandma, dad and child)


The set would also be repurposed and resigned to offer different styles of home layout.