We've filmed 10 x 7' episodes but have 13 scripts completed by our amazing writing team (BAFTA award-winners and all-round writing legends). Here's a sample of some of the episodes:

FEELING FOOLISH by Tim Clague & Danny Stack:

Dash thinks the family are laughing at him when he does a cute trick when it's time for a walk, so he hides out in the garden. Anna decides to make a fool out of herself to make Dash feel better.

SHED DISASTER by Debbie Moon:

When the family clear out their crammed shed, it's a complete disaster and all Dash's attempts to help go wrong. But when Dad loses the keys to the shed, there’s a crisis only a dog can solve...


Dash plays catch with Anna but can't quite grab the ball. Anna gets called away in order to practice her violin. Mum and Dash create unique ways of blocking out the noise but Anna's practice gets better and Dash gets inspired to practice catching the ball until he gets it.

FAKE DOG by Kate Scott:

Dash becomes jealous of Anna's toy dog and tries to outdo it in order to get Anna's attention. 


Dash learns a new trick which gets the family’s attention but then he pushes the joke too far, long after it's funny and it backfires on him.

writers room.jpeg

Writing team (L-R): Tim Clague (Oddbods), Jan Caston (Nelson Nutmeg), Steve McCarten (standing, production manager), Tim John (Street Cat Named Bob), James Cary (Treasure Champs), Kate Scott (The Hive), Debbie Moon (Wolfblood), Danny Stack (Hey Duggee)