•  Independently financed - 10 episodes completed filming, no long commissioning process.

  • IP retained by "Dog Years Ltd" for maximum flexibility moving forward.

  • We have direct experience of creating children’s media of this length, and at this budget level.

  • Diversity built in - stories will take place across a number of different families, allowing for many different people and family dynamics to be featured over time.

  • Three camera studio sitcom approach in a bespoke set.

  • Tim & Danny as head writers - BAFTA-nominated, award-winning writers for "Hey Duggee", "Octonauts", "Oddbods", "PJ Masks", "I'm A Fish", as well as two live-action family films.

  • The writing team includes BAFTA-winners and all round children TV legends. Their credits including "Peppa Pig", "Wolfblood", "Treasure Champs", "Dennis & Gnasher" and "The Hive", amongst others.

  • Experienced crew; fresh from our recent feature film are in place.

  • Owned studio - Dog Years will be filmed in a studio owned by Dog Years Ltd - retaining full flexibility to schedule future episodes and seasons.

  • Dogs remain hugely popular with the pre-school audience, especially internationally.

  • Designed from the ground-up to allow easy dubbing in other languages / dialects.

  • Tim shadow directed the CBBC show “Waffle the Wonder Dog” and talked to producers of other animal based shows.

  • We made 10 episodes, a ‘pilot series’, in summer 2019. We are seeking broadcasters and other distributors who are interested in acquiring these episodes and / or join us in producing more, ideally to make 26 x 7' episodes for series one. 

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