In each episode an 'older' Dash has a playful interaction with Milo & Sami (his two mischievous pups). In typical pup mode, they’re eager for a story, especially one that involves Dash’s past.


The story then goes into a flashback narrative to show Dash (played by the same dog) with his oddball family, as they get into various adventures and have fun. All the while, we get to hear Dash’s inner monologue of his thoughts ‘in situ’. 


Dash learns an important lesson or moral before the story bookends itself with older Dash in the present day, with Milo & Sami rapt with attention and appreciation.


This is a funny and feelgood series that has Dash the dog as the central character and although the focus is on laugh out loud family antics, the stories are universal: overcoming obstacles and the process of growing up.


Dash, being a dog, brings a different perspective to these classic issues, especially as he interacts with his often eccentric family, who have their own growing up to do, too!


Imagine a world from a unique dog's POV (and where humans talk nonsense), combined with some silly and broad humour, and you’ve got the make of our show.


The stories are told from a dog’s POV, and Dash doesn’t speak human! We’ll HEAR the human voices, but in a nonsense language that's just a jumble of gobbledygook.

Dash’s voice-over lets us know what he thinks about the situation and he can expand and clarify key story points via this method as well as his narration.


The voice over method has an additional business benefit of making the show more suitable for international translation/sales – with only simple dubbing and voice-over techniques needed for additional languages.

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